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PVC Tarpaulin

Price: Per Sq Feet INR/Piece

Launching the new Disinfectant and Fire Retardant PVC Tarpaulin! This Pujas, Keep It Safe with MohanTarp! Hurry up and get your Safe Tarpaulin today !

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Two wheeler cover

  • Supply Ability:500 Per Month
Product Image (04)

Pitch Cover

  • Supply Ability:500 Per Month
  • Frame Material:Plastic
  • Color:Blue
  • Usage:Other
Product Image (07)

Waterproof Gazebo

Price: Per Pc INR
  • Delivery Time:Immediate Days
  • Supply Ability:500 pcs per month Per Month
Product Image (17)

Turbine pack cover

Price: Per PC INR
  • Supply Ability:500 pcs per month Per Month
  • Delivery Time:Immediate Days
Product Image (15)

tarpaulin biofloc fish tank

Price: 5000 INR
  • Usage:Other
  • Material:Other
  • Frame Material:Plastic
  • Color:Light Blue
  • Design Type:Customized
  • Size:Min 2 dia
Product Image (01)

Tarpaulin Bike Cover

  • Delivery Time:Depends On Location Days
  • Supply Ability:As Per Requirement Per Month
Product Image (02)

Tarpaulin Car Cover

  • Supply Ability:As Per Requirement Per Month
  • Delivery Time:Depends On Location Days
Product Image (3206)

Suncool Geomembrane Pond Liner

Mohan Tarp is well known for supplying of Suncool Geomembrane Pond Liner, which is Low density polyethylene (LDPE) as per IS 2508:2016. This suncool geomembrane lining film is more durable, effective, and quite affordable for protection against seepage and damage. Designing and manufacturing of this assortment are done in compliance with predefined industry norms and guidelines, employing the best quality basic materials and modern machines. This ensures the product’s finishing, sturdiness, resistance to leakage and durability. We are offering these products in various micron & sizes to suit the varied demands of our clients.

Product Image (3205)

Suncool Mulch Film

Price: Per Roll INR/Roll

Mohan Tarp offers Suncool Mulch Film that are advanced five layered films being manufactured to meet a wide range of specifications. All the dimensions of this mulch film, including thickness, width, length, weight are guaranteed. This films are marked permanently with company name, brand, Batch number and thickness. Our silver-black or white-black plastic much film resist certain insects due to their reflection specialty for juicy fruits, maintaining their quality and beauty. These plastic mulch films have huge light due to reflection enhances the photosynthesis activity and controls temperature with the white side of the film. The black side is gloomy and eliminates growth with light unavailability.

Product Image (3201)

Greenhouse Film

Mohan Tarp supplies premium quality Suncool branded greenhouse film or greenhouse cover. It is now a proven fact known to everyone in the industry that the greenhouse coverings play a very important role in the growth of plants, quality and quantity of the produce under greenhouse conditions. A proper selection of greenhouse covering film is of utmost importance to achieve better produce and in turn to get maximum profits. It is very necessary to understand the basic and advanced properties of the greenhouse covering films to select proper required covering film depending upon crop, topography of land, climatic condition etc. Greenhouse covering film protecting & enhancing crop growth and harvest like capsicum, cucumber, tomatoes, strawberries & flowers like roses, gerbera, carnation etc. against climate aggressions and insects as well as gets earlier higher crop yield with exceptional insulation for a relatively shorter period. Greenhouse plastic film optimizes light transmittance and also reduces the temperature fluctuations. For the marketing of this products as well as greenhouse construction, farmers, technicians, and entrepreneur are being trained for this purposes.

Product Image (MMPL 10)

Residential Awnings

  • Delivery Time:15 Days
Product Image (MMPL 14)

Polycarbonate Shades

Price: Square Feet INR/Piece
  • Design Type:Customized
  • Color:Any
  • Pole Material:Other
  • Technique:Laminated
  • Material:Other
  • Tent Style:Printed
  • Layer:Other
  • Size:Depends according to size
  • Supply Ability:01 Per Day
  • Delivery Time:15 Days
Product Image (MMPL 06)

Machine Covers

  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (MMPL 05)

Fire Retardant Tarpaulin

  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (MMPL 001)

Pond Liner

We specialize in tarpaulin Pond Liner materials. Over the years, Mohan Tarp has emerged as one of the distinguished suppliers of wide range of pond liners. Our pond liner tarps are available in different shapes and sizes. Our pvc pond liners are of superior quality for longer lasting time. Pond Liners are highly effective and economic alternatives for making ornamental lakes, fish farming and rainwater harvesting. Made from multi-layered cross-laminated film, these products offer optimum protection to the water bodies from contamination. Our products are made of non-toxic material and hence are eco-friendly and safe for marine life. The finest of raw materials used to manufacture these hdpe pond liner products guarantee superior quality. At Mohan Tarp, we not only supply the materials but also take care of complete installation procedures.

Product Image (MMPL 02)

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (MMPL 04)

Poultry Curtains

  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (MMPL )

Green House UV Flims

  • Delivery Time:1 Week
Product Image (MMPL 15)

Azolla Sheet

Azolla is a floating fern which resembles algae. Azolla is grown in paddy fields or in shallow water bodies and they multiply very rapidly. Azolla is rich in proteins, essential amino acids, vitamins, (Vitamin A, Vitamin B12 and Beta-Carotene), growth promoter intermediaries and minerals like calcium, potassium, phosphorous, ferrous, copper, magnesium. On a dry weight basis, it contains 25-35% of protein, 10-15% minerals and 7-10% of amino acids, bioactive substances and biopolymers. The carbohydrate and fat content of Azolla is very low. Its nutrient composition makes it highly efficient and effective feed for livestock. Livestock can easily digest it owing to the high protein and low lignin content and get quickly accustomed to it. Moreover, it is easy and economical to grow.

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General Use

Silpaulin Star/ Silpaulin is the next generation, patented, cross-laminated and cross bonded UV stabilized tarpaulin. Silpaulin Star is laminated in a criss-cross pattern and placed one over the other using the state-of-the-art, patented, cold-roll technique. The cross-lamination and cross-bonding technique makes Silpaulin Star highly durable, light-weight yet extremely tough, strong & flexible. Silpaulin star is easily distinguished from the others by the unique diamond shaped pattern on the surface. It is manufactured by Supreme Industries Pvt Ltd- No 1 plastic company in India as per BIS 14611. We have supplied over 50 crores square meters of Silpaulin tarpaulin across East India, Nepal and Bhutan

Product Image (MMPL 003)

Fumigation Cover

Mohan Tarp supplies a wide variety of Silpaulin Fumigation Covers which are weather-resistant and highly durable. These fumigation covers can be used in warehouses to protect agricultural produce against heat, moisture, pests, rodents, etc. Silpaulin fumigation covers are multi-layered, cross-laminated and UV stabilized and manufactured by Supreme Industries Pvt Ltd- No 1 plastic company in India as per BIS 14611 standards. We are a regular supplier of Silpaulin fumigation covers to the Food Corporation of India, various state governments and the central and state warehousing corporations. We can customize these covers as per the requirement of our clients.

Product Image (MMPL 12)

Potable Canopy Tent

  • Delivery Time:15 Days
Product Image (MMPL 11)

Commercial Awnings

  • Delivery Time:15 Days